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Montreal, Sunday, June 14, 2015

Cirque du Soleil – Soda Stereo – PopArt Music – Sony Music

An original production for Latin America


Quebec-based Cirque du Soleil and PopArt Music, an Argentinean company, announced that they will work jointly with Soda Stereo and Sony Music to create a show inspired by the music and history of the band. This project has been under discussion for the past two years.

Modeled on Cirque du Soleil productions The Beatles LOVE and Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour, which draw their inspiration from the life and work of musical icons, this new creation is expected to premiere in Buenos Aires in 2017 and will tour in Latin America. The project is endorsed by the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires.

To confirm this creative agreement, the PopArt Music team and Soda Stereo travelled to Cirque du Soleil’s creative studios at the company’s International Headquarters in Montreal. 

In their own words:

''After Soda's comeback tour in 2007, it was hard to think of something beyond that... Now, thanks to Cirque du Soleil, a new world opens up for us, filled with renewed expectations. This is very touching.'' – Charly Alberti

''We've always paid close attention to stage design in our shows. But for the first time, apart from being in the best possible hands, we will be able to enjoy our music and the images it inspires... this time as spectators.'' – Zeta Bosio

''As members of Gustavo's close family, this new proposal fills us with enormous pride. We believe this is a fabulous tribute to the work of my brother.'' – Laura Cerati, sister of Gustavo Cerati and Director of JJC Ediciones Musicales

“Having the opportunity to work with the material of such an iconic band that have touched so many people in Latin America is truly an honor. We are very inspired and look forward to delving into the band’s fabulous musical world.“ – Jean-François Bouchard, Cirque du Soleil Creative Guide

''The creators of The Beatles LOVE and Michael Jackson ONE are now imagining a new show inspired by Soda Stereo. Although we've been working in secret for two years, and we still have two more before the premiere, I already consider this a dream come true.'' – Daniel Kon, Manager of Soda Stereo and Director of Triple Producciones

"It is an honor for us to be part of this fabulous project. This is, without a doubt, another milestone in the incredible career of our dear Charly, Zeta and Gustavo." – Afo Verde, Chairman & CEO, Sony Music Latin Iberia‎

''For PopArt Music, being involved in the co-production of this show with Cirque du Soleil, one of the most important entertainment companies in the world, is a true honor and a unique experience. We were confident that we could achieve this, and now it has become a reality.'' – Diego Saenz, CEO of PopArt Music

“The dedication and immense professionalism of the PopArt team makes this project very appealing and we are already very hard at work imagining what the audience will discover in 2017.” – Charles Joron, Executive Producer at Cirque du Soleil

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