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Tel Aviv, Thursday, February 12, 2015

Roy Ofer, Founder of Sama-Sama, and Charles Joron, Chief Production Officer & Executive Producer of Cirque du Soleil Group, have announced a business partnership between Cirque du Soleil and Sama-Sama Creative Labs for the production of the first Sama-Sama Live Experience.


The innovative concept will be a unique multisensory entertainment experience combining elements from live shows, theme parks and interactive events. Sama-Sama Live Experience will transform audience members into performers through the universal language of music, movement and rhythm. The experience will appeal to multi-generational audiences and make the most of state-of-the-art multimedia and technology.


Recognized for its innovative approach and high quality artistic entertainment, Cirque du Soleil will provide guidance in the development of this live experience as well as acting as a business partner in the venture. “We see great potential in Sama-Sama’s new immersive concept and have decided to come on board. This innovative approach is unique and we believe it will touch audiences in a brand new way” said Charles Joron.

Honing the creative concept

A proof of concept was performed to outstanding popular and critical acclaim in Tel-Aviv, in 2012, with more than 50,000 tickets sold over a one-month period. Since then, Roy Ofer, Co-founder of the Mayumana Group and Founder of Sama-Sama, has led an international creative team to further develop and refine the concept. A select group of creators, programmers, designers, technicians, music composers and video directors have contributed their expertise gained from working in leading entertainment brands such as Cirqeu du Soleil, Universal Studios and Mayumana. The creative and production teams are hard at work at the Sama-Sama R&D Studio in Tel-Aviv, which also serves as a collaborative hub for international technology companies.

The Concept

Sama-Sama Live Experience invites the audience to immerse themselves in a parallel universe where they will follow the story of a mysterious community known as the Samis. The Samis have built a unique space for creativity and inspiration, bringing people together through the joy of creation in a way never experienced before. They call this place Sama-Sama, which means “together” in Filipino.


Sama-Sama takes the audience on a 360-degree immersive journey to a parallel universe. A dozen large-scale interactive installations urge the audience to unleash their creativity, become performers, play and have fun. Each original installation is created exclusively by the Sama-Sama team and features user-friendly interfaces and intuitive instructions designed to fully engag the audience. The Sama-Sama journey culminates in a grand finale where all audience members become part of the Sami community.

Tour of Europe, North and South America

The international launch of Sama-Sama Live Experience will take place in Madrid, Spain, followed by a tour of other major cities in Europe, North America and South America. The company is also in discussions with different parties interested in hosting permanent installations of the Sama-Sama Live Experience

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